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How to make your tattoos holiday ready?

We think after lockdown was eased most of us could finally feel summer! Bars and pubs are open, as well as shops and travelling to the beach does not feel like crime anymore. Oh yeah, about beaches and sunbathing… Do you have tattoos? If answer is yes, let us remind you about important liquid that you should have in your bag!

Not a secret to anyone, even that we love to be outside in sunny weather, we should remember about skin protection. Sun is bright and beautiful but also dangerous at the same time! Here for help come sun protective lotions, creams or sprays with SPF factor. Some may think that the whole point of these liquids is to prevent suntanning. But the fact is the purpose of these is protection from harmful UV radiation that cause sun burns, ageing and further problems to our skin and health. But how tattoos related to that? Let us explain.

Imagine, you got beautiful and one of the kind painting for your flat/house to decorate. You spent your money on it and you want it to stay as beautiful as it is now for years. You chose a spot for it and you hanged it there and you love it!
Let’s say it is in front of the window, on sunny side, as it will look great there. It will be visible always. The year go by and your painting is still beautiful. The second year go by and you start to notice that it became slightly lighter than was before. Five years go by and your painting looks so much different to the first day when you got it! Colors got lighter, paint started to crack, what a disappointment!

The Last Supper, Leonardo Da Vinci

You may think “oh, it is probably artist/seller fault”. But the answer will be – you never thought how to take care about such element in your décor properly, to make sure nothing happens to it. Now it is understandable why all galleries hide in shadow and keep their painting away from windows and use muted light to highlight the artwork, right?

Believe or not, same can happen to tattoos. You are getting beautiful piece of art just for you, it does not cost cheap and you love to show it. Especially during hot summer months when you can wear minimum clothing. But if you will not protect it from sun, after years of wear the tattoo will start to fade and loose it’s colors and sharpness. Sounds pretty sad, we will say.

Burnt Rose Tattoo, from web

The answer “what do to here” is very simple – planning beach holiday? Hiking? Sailing? Surfing? Do not forget your skin and tattoo saver – SPF factor magic liquid. You can get it from ANY (honestly!) shop all year around. Do not go for SPF factor less than 30! Choose the ones with broad-spectrum as these are the best ones as protects from UVA and UVB rays. If you know that you will sweat or swim, pick the ones that are water-resistant. But still do not forget to reapply it during the day! To make a protection even stronger make sure to give your skin a rest in shadow and have linen long-sleeve shirt and/or trousers. Linen is perfect summer material for your skin and you won’t overheat in it.

We hope you will find this blog helpful and we are happy to answer further questions related to that theme. And if you holiday is about to happen – we wish you to have amazing time (that will be safe for your skin also!). Love yourself and your skin!

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