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Planning your tattoo is very exciting process! You are going through ideas, thinking about placement and size, consulting with your artist or studio where tattoo will be done. The whole time blood in veins just buzzing to get the piece finally done! When you arrive to your appointment you are provided with consent form as well as health information sheet or questionnaire before tattooing started. But why we need that information from you?

Before your tattoo session begins you must fill consent form provided by the studio or artist

Let’s make things simple – tattooing is beautiful form of art that you can wear on your body for whole life, as well as it is an interruption into your body and knowledge about your health condition is essential for us. To make sure that procedure can be carried without any serious side effects to your health we are asking to give us honest replies only. If you will fail to do so you may be putting yourself or artist in danger.

For example, in our studio managing team are trained and qualified first aiders that are here to help if something happens. And in case, if something happens (that is not a usual practice, but things are quite unexpected in life!) our team will be as effective as possible if we would know what can possibly expect.  Of course we understand you and we understand that you may not want to share such information and that is fine. But think of it, would you rather protect yourself or put yourself in danger?

At this point I believe we reached the most important part of that theme – there are conditions that will not allow tattooist to make a tattoo for you. It can be temporary condition (as pregnancy for example) or permanent and it is very important to know these conditions for both parties. Have you ever thought about that even?
From our own experience we had to decline tattoo on the day due to the lack on knowledge. Trust us it is disappointing for the client and for the artist.

Tattooing is an interruption into your body, and that is one of the reasons why tattoos has to be done only by professionals

You may ask, how to avoid such situation? Simple! First of all, if you are aware of any medical condition that you have, consult with your doctor and see if it is safe for you to make a tattoo. If the reply is yes, congratulations! Nothing stops you now to get a dream piece and enjoy it on your skin now. If the reply is – need to wait – no worries! Take your time and do your tattoo idea when it will be safe for you. Got a “no-no” reply? Do not get disappointed! There is nothing more important in life as health so do not break rules here.

For the final, we feel that you may still have one question – how the information that you provide is used and stored? It is business responsibility to keep records of clients receiving treatments and procedures that are carried at the premises. At the same time business is responsible how the data is stored and used.
In our studio we want to inform you that all data that you provide is strictly confidential and stored safely following Data Protection Act 2018.

We hope that you will find this blog useful. Still have questions? You can leave them below and we will make sure that you will get a reply!

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