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Halloween 2020 at Crimson Tales

Beautiful October month! Leaf falls, warm clothes, pumpkin lattes and soups, bright colors and sun is still out. As well as October in one of the most inspiring months for the artists in whole year! Do you know why?

October is month of witch culture, supernatural and paranormal, which inspires artists to create drawings, paintings, carvings, make-ups, tattoos and food creations related! Obviously many more, but if we will name them all, one page may not be even enough.
This theme is very rich of facts and stories, novels and songs. October can be great month to deep into history and learn interesting facts about how witches lived, how they were treated and why people were so scared of them. Not into reading? Not a problem, then you must be movie or series fan! Our team favourites to recommend are: “Supernatural” (light to watch), “Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built” (light), “The VVitch” (medium), “The Orphanage” (medium), “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” (strong nerves needed!), “Blair Witch Project” (strong nerves needed!).

As well as during the October month you can notice many artists from all around the world participating in Inktober. That worldwide movement started from a challenge that one artist set to himself in 2009. And now, if you will look online and search for #inktober, you will be surprised to see how much the movement grown.
Our artists are very into Inktober! Since lockdown were eased in London they had very limited time to draw extra stuff, so this year was skipped by our residents team. But! Our ex-resident artist Dani Nihil (who will be forever in our hearts and who we can proudly say will be our regular guest-artist from 2021!) accepted the challenge of Inktober. We would like to share with you some of our favourites drawings made by her. Make sure you check her page to find more and follow!

Another reason, why October is so special is Halloween (31st of October). We are sure you heard about that unusual celebration since childhood, then it was a reason to get candy supply for the rest of the year probably! Do you know the story of that day at all?
The story of Halloween starts from Celtic Festival “Samhain” (sow-in, right to say!) which appeared about 2000 years ago. On 1st of November Celts were celebrating New Year, end of summer and the harvest — beginning of dark, long and cold winter. But night before, on 31st of October, it was believed that ghosts of the dead returning back to earth. During this night Druids built huge sacred bonfires, where people gathered to burn sacrifices (as crops and animals) to the Celtic deities. Celts were wearing costumes, typically consisting of animal heads and skins.
Over hundreds years the celebration was changing. Only in 1920’s-1950’s Halloween became how we know it now, with all the parades, parties, trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. The popularity of it spread all the way from Europe to America.

Nowadays, Halloween inspires tattoo artists around the world to create designs and tattoos that are related to that celebration. From cute to scary, from traditional to new school, from color to blackwork. Ideas coming from different countries, folklore, ghost stories and beliefs. Last year we had fun walk-in day in our London studio when our artists were tattooing small Halloween related tatts. This year, we decided to change concept a little and get prepared in advance with a possibility of booking a session on 31st of October with E V E R Y  S I N G L E  A R T I S T in our studio. WANDAL, Nazar, Flavia and Loris got special designs prepared! These can be pre-booked or chosen on the day (check design on Instagram @tattooinlondon or requested via email!). All premade pieces will go with spooky 10% off.
If you are not looking to get tattooed this Halloween, but still will be around — stop by to say “Hi!”. We will see you at Crimson Tales!

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