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Going for a tattoo session soon? Do know how to get prepared.

Going for a tattoo session soon? Then we want to tell you how to get prepared to enjoy your experience getting tattooed! You may think that appointment at tattoo studio is similar thing to popping into barbers/hairdressers to get your hair done. We are here to tell you — you wrong! And let us explain you why, as well as guide you how to get ready for your tattoo session.

We will never be tired to repeat — tattoo is a direct interuption into your body that will not be comfortable. By this we mean that tattooing is not painless, but not crazy painful as some may think. Tattoo requires to follow specific aftercare routine to get the best possible result. You won’t need anything like that after haircut or manicure, isn’t it?

At the same time, length of a session to complete your dream piece may vary — each idea and design takes different amount of time. Which means that tattooing on your body may take from 15 minutes to 8 hours a day! And to stay well during the session time your body better to be prepared. That is the reason why we created this guide for you! As most know how to take care about freshly made tattoo, but least know how to get prepared to a session and enjoy (or at least stay chilled!) during the process of tattoo.

Most know how to take care about freshly made tattoo, but least know how to get prepared to a tattoo session.

  1. Your body must be prepared!
    When you are coming to the tattoo session your body better to be rested. Make sure you had enough of sleep night before and avoided intensive physical activities at least a day before. Tired body is more sensitive which means that your pain sensations will be aggravated.
    Do not let yourself starve or loose hydration before the session. It is important to eat well before and bring snacks/drinks to your session if your day will be long. This will avoid dizziness. Since in some cases the stress for the body can be quite severe, you should not provoke fainting by hunger.
    Wear comfortable clothing that will help the artist to get to and tattoo the placement where your future tattoo will be. Or take these with you to change at the studio! For example, if a tattoo is planned on the leg — ladies should not wear heels, because it is direct tension on the leg. Or guys should not wear tight jeans that are impossible to pull up, as these may disrupt blood circulation. And again, if your session is long — you will have to be in a fixed position for a long time. So choose the things that are most comfortable for your body and prioritize loose clothing.

  2. You should feel well from inside!
    So please, no alcohol before the session, during the session or after! Alcoholic drinks cause swelling and thin the blood, which contributes to excess bleeding during work. All this greatly affects the result. We would recommend to exclude coffee and any energy drinks (including Lucozade!) before the session as well. The substances in them strongly excite the nervous system, which affects your pain sensations during the session. Ss well as these are raising blood pressure which may lead to excess bleeding.
    If you feel unwell you should not come to your appointment and request to reschedule (earlier — better!). Any illness will greatly affect your feelings during tattooing. Some illnesses may put yourself and others in the studio under risk of passing it further.
    Don’t bring a large support group to the session. Some people find it really difficult to endure such event alone, but we are here to support you through the process, especially if it is your first tattoo. At the moment we do not allow any extra visitors at our studio due to CoVid-19 spread. Exception is given only to those clients, who can’t attend the session without physical support from carer/nurse or family relative. Make sure to let the studio know if you will be accompanied. Studio reserve the right to refuse any extra visitors prior the appointment or on the day.
    Last point but one of the most important ones — you should not have any contraindications from your doctor. If you are not sure — do not hesitate to contact your GP for consultation or pass blood tests that would tell you the answer.

  3. Your skin should not be stressed!
    And that means no tanning before the session. If you went away on holiday and had a lot of sun on, give your skin at least a week to rest before you get a tattoo. If you are going to solarium then you should make sure that last visit/tanning treatment will be no less than 3 days before tattoo session. In case of self-tanning products or spray tan, please remove the product from the area that will be tattooed prior your appointment. You can use warm water and soft sponge to do so.
    Also, you should avoid beauty procedures as peeling, waxing, sugaring or threading (only if you are planning to get a tattoo on the placement that you are looking to treat before!) at least two days before tattoo session. Trust us your skin will thank you.
    Before leaving the house, we recommend to take a shower, or better — a hot bath with aroma foam. It will cheer you up and help you calm down if you’re worried.

  4. And couple of extras to add on!
    During your tattoo session you will have breaks to rest, eat and warm up — we are not here to torture you!
    You are more than welcome to bring laptop/tablet, book or music with headphones with you to keep yourself entertained during the session. Make sure that you will have charger with you too in case if your device will run out of battery.
    If you have any favourite toy, pillow, blanket or anything else, that helps you to de-stress you can bring it too! As long as it is not in size of elephant 🙂

That’s it! As simple as possible, we hope you will find this guide useful and it will help you to get ready for your next tattoo session (hopefully with us!).
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