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Tattoo trend — finger tattoos. And everything you need to know about them.

One out of five requests in our studio is tattoo either on hand or on the fingers. Tattoos on visible places became extremely popular! We see them on celebrities and models. We see them every day, really! As a result, the popularity growth is extremely high. But getting a tattoo on these placements is more complicated than you may think.

Our professional tattoo team decided to shed the light on that subject. Therefore we will tell you everything about finger tattoos. Most importantly, when you should really get them done! Or why your artist may refuse to tattoo you on hand. Tattoo trend — finger tattoos. Here is everything you need to know about them.

If you have no tattoos yet, you may think that the best tattoo to get first would be something small. As a result, clients consider finger tattoos. They are cool, trendy, cute, sexy or can pass a certain message. That is mistake. Do not consider such tattoo to experience tattoos for the first time ever. Let’s make it clear here — these inks are for the people who experienced tattoo application already. Therefore, list of certain reasons exists for that strict no. Just keep reading and then make a decision.

Let’s make it clear here — you should get tattoos on fingers if you had experience with tattoo application on the body before. Newbies — finger tattoos on Pinterest are beautiful images. The reality is different.

Why you can get "NO" reply from artist with a finger tattoo request?

In this paragraph we will try to describe the reason for that negative reply. Firstly, professional artists would not tattoo your hands or fingers if you have ZERO tattoos yet. Some of them, would not even tattoo that placement. Because if you do not have at least a sleeve, finger tattoos is too early for you!

Secondly, before you would get any of these pretty things on one of your most visible places, you better understand more about tattoos. How they are applied on the body. How to heal them and how they look after healing. Such knowledge you should get from own experience, not from blogs. Healing process can be different, depending on your skin type and skin color.

That is why own experience is more important than someone’s else. Thirdly, and most importantly, artist never wants you to end up with tattoo that you may regret. You should listen to the artist when he/she tells you all good/bad sides of finger tattoos. Got the knowledge, then decide — as these tattoos are not for perfectionists in general.

No matter how your fresh finger tattoo will look like — it will change. When you are making a decision about getting a finger tattoo, you should clearly understand that. Be prepared, that during it is lifetime you may need to touch it up from time to time if you would want it to look as new. In some cases touch-up will be contraindicated.

What do we mean, when we say «not for perfectionists»?

Let’s face the truth — finger tattoos will change with time, no matter what. For instance, after the first application and healing, there is a big chance that your finger tattoo will require correction! Do not panic, just reached your artist back. There was nothing wrong with him or her. To clarify, the skin on that area doesn’t hold the ink so well. As your forearm, for instance.

During the lifetime finger tattoos change. They will loose sharpness, will rub off and loose the pigment. They can blurr, especially if tattoo is on side or inner part of hand/finger. And if that happens, that is extremely hard to correct. These trendy ink pieces are the ones that heal hard! They require very extra care during the healing time. Why? Because you can easily get fresh finger/hand tattoo infected.

Tattoo on the hand will be exposed to the environment all the time while it is fresh. As you do most of your actions with your hands, the risk of getting it infected is very high. You must stay pretty concerned what you do. How often you wash your hands to keep your healing tattoos as clean as possible. And bacteria free! People with tattoos are used to the healing procedure in general. That is why they have least chance to fail here. And, they are used to permanent tattoos too.

Don’t get it, to regret it. Hand is the area that is exposed all the time. You need to make sure that your lifestyle allows you to have tattoos on that area to avoid disappointment, troubles and future sessions of tattoo removal with laser. Getting finger or hand tattoo because it is trend — wrong thinking. Bare in mind, tattoos are for the rest of your life.If to get something on the area that you see all the time — get a tattoo that you really want and prepared for. Cover-ups or tattoo removals ain’t fun.

Do artists in our studio tattoo fingers and hands?

They are! All the images used in this post are works by our artistic team. If you approach us with such request be prepared for the questions. Our team want to make sure that you know what you are planning to do. We will be honest and we can either accept your request or decline it, if we feel that it is not the time for you yet.

From our side, we will make our best to get the right design for you. We will offer first free touch-up on your hand ink if needed, within a month time after the completion, as well. Just remember — tattoos on fingers need to be simple, do not try to fit a sleeve on your finger! It will become a mess and will look like dirty finger with time. Each tattoo, whatever placement you choose, need to be in proportion of your body part. Simple rule that make tattoos last beautifully.

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