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Aftercare Products

You can view & order tattoo aftercare products directly from us!



Premium tattoo products with an ethical approach available at Crimson Tales Tattoo Studio.


Here you will find more information about our trusted tattoo aftercare supplier. Healing your new tattoo properly is the important step. After you left the tattoo studio, the quality of healed piece does depend on you. The reason why we recommend YayoFamilia products — they are made, where possible, with all natural ingredients and help to heal your tattoo in the best way.
The aftercare butters designed especially to be used on broken skin. The cream helps the epidermis to heal quickly, while providing anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory functions with deep moisturising features.
The aftercare tattoo soap is a 100% natural bottle of liquid soap. It is made with plant oils and is designed to cleanse and calm your new tattoo. The soap helps to prevent infection and calm the skin during the healing process.
All YayoFamilia products are free of animal based ingredients and have not been tested on animals.


YayoFamilia is an ethical brand who hand-make skincare products for tattoo artists globally.

100% VEGAN

We are 100% vegan friendly and aim to remain that way.


 The products are innovative and industry leading and are made where possible with 100% natural ingredients.

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